January 05, 2022

NEW! Study Reports No Evidence of Liver Toxicity Associated with CBD

NEW! Study Reports No Evidence of Liver Toxicity Associated with CBD

A new study released Monday calls into question the claim that “CBD can cause liver injury.”

Observational data gathered from 839 participants — ages 18–75 from across the U.S. and known to be taking hemp-derived CBD products orally for a minimum of 30 days — showed that CBD at the doses consumed in the study is not associated with clinical liver toxicity.

Click here to read the full study and results.

While the FDA continues to cite lack of safety data for delaying the development of a regulatory framework for CBD and other cannabinoids, this new evidence puts into question the agency’s own claims and arguments against moving forward with regulation.

In March 2020, the agency published a Congressional report and public statement on potential regulatory pathways for the sale of hemp-derived CBD products, listing liver injury as the top concern for consumer safety. The report concluded with FDA’s commitment to working efficiently to further clarify a regulatory approach to these products – “as always, using science as our guide and upholding our rigorous public health standards.

Still, nearly two years later, the FDA has failed to fulfill this commitment. Regulatory uncertainty continues to dismantle the up-and-coming market, stifling manufacturing with limited demand and bankruptcies, resulting in declining prices for raw hemp materials and economic hardship for farmers left with crops they can’t sell. Meanwhile, bad actors threaten the integrity of the industry as FDA blames current law for its “stalemate position,” suggesting Congressional action may be required.

Tell Congress to Regulate CBD now!

The findings from this study and prolonged inaction by FDA to regulate CBD continue to underscore the urgency for Congress to prioritize passing a legislative solution this year.

Please visit the online action center at and fill out the customizable form asking your members of Congress to support critical legislation that would regulate products containing hemp-derived cannabinoids.

We are hopeful that the U.S. House will move forward with holding a hearing on these bills in the coming weeks with the help of your advocacy! Help US amplify the industry-wide call on Congress to #RegulateCBDNow by sharing on social media and encouraging your friends to fill out the form too.