Help Resist Efforts to Restrict Hemp Products in Chicago

PASSED January 01, 2025

Proposed ordinance 4215 would prohibit the manufacture or retail sale of consumable hemp products that contain THC-O, delta-8 THC, or delta-10 THC or that contain more than 0.5mg delta-9 THC per serving/2.5mg per package. The proposal is the latest effort to restrict most hemp products in Chicago.

If you live in Chicago, please contact your local official to oppose the proposal. Alderman Hopkins is the driving force behind this, but we strongly encourage those of you who conduct business in Chicago to utilize this link to reach out to your Alderperson directly. Here’s a quick message you can copy and paste: 

Subject: Please oppose ordinance 4215

Body: As your constituent, I’m asking you to oppose proposed ordinance 4215. The proposal would prohibit the manufacture or retail sale of most hemp products, including non-intoxicating products. Please oppose ordinance 4215. I appreciate your consideration.


Even if you aren’t a Chicago resident or business, please share this page with your friends, colleagues, customers, and social media contacts in the city. Help us build our Hemp Supporter armies to assist us in these battles, which have a national impact.