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H.R.1628: Urge Congress To Regulate CBD As A Food Additive

Calling all Hemp Supporters and CBD Consumers! We need your help to support H.R. 1628, The CBD Product Safety and Standardization Act of 2023, a critical bill that would empower …

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H.R.1629: Urge Congress to Regulate CBD as a Dietary Supplement

Calling all Hemp Supporters and CBD Consumers! We need your help to support H.R.1629, The Hemp and Hemp-Derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act of 2023, a critical bill …

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H.R.1428: Urge Congress to Repeal the Hemp Felon Ban

Help remove barriers preventing individuals from fully participating in the hemp industry!  H.R.1428, The Free to Grow Act of 2023, would repeal a federal provision preventing individuals with certain felony …

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S.1973: Urge Congress to Support the All-American Flag Act

On Flag Day 2023, S.1973: the All-American Flag Act, was introduced in Congress to protect our nation’s symbol of unity and heritage. Some of our nation’s first flags were made …

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S.2451: Urge Congress to Regulate CBD in Dietary Supplements and Foods

Calling all Hemp Supporters and CBD Consumers! We need your help in urging Congress to pass legislation that would direct the FDA to regulate hemp-derived CBD as a dietary supplement …

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S.2860: Urge Your Members of Congress to Support SAFE Banking

Although the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized hemp, many farmers and business owners involved in the industry continue to have trouble finding reliable banks, loan providers and credit processors to work …

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URGENT: Hemp-Killing Amendment Filed on Farm Bill and Appropriations Bill – Contact Your Member of Congress TODAY

The infamous Mary Miller Amendment (discussed in detail here) has now been attached to two separate pieces of legislation: The House Farm Bill and the FY 25 Agriculture/FDA Appropriations bill – …

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