Federal Action


Contact your Members of Congress to urge the FDA to take action on CBD

PASSED September 12, 2020

The primary policy challenge facing the hemp-derived CBD industry is guidance issued by FDA, opining that it is illegal for CBD to be introduced into interstate commerce as a food additive or dietary supplement. While the FDA has announced that it will unveil its timetable for action this fall, it could be many months before they issue a formal regulation.

Our hemp champions in Congress are doing something about it.
In the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has introduced language on the Agriculture Appropriations bill that would require the FDA to issue formal “enforcement discretion,” standing down on any enforcement of its troublesome anti-CBD guidance.
In the House, Reps. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) and James Comer (R-KY) sent all members of the US House of Representatives a “Dear Colleague” letter, asking them to co-sign a letter that urges the FDA to issue formal “enforcement discretion” on the sale of hemp CBD products.
Such enforcement discretion would remove significant risk from the sale of CBD products, and help encourage more financial institutions to do business with hemp farmers and CBD businesses.

Please email your Members of Congress TODAY, urging your Senators to support the McConnell language, and urging your Congressman to co-sign the Pingree/Comer FDA letter.

As always, we have made it super easy for you to contact your Members of Congress. Simply enter your email and zip code on this form, and two separate messages will automatically populate – one to your Senators and the other to your Congressman. Please feel free to personalize the messages to explain why hemp CBD is important to you, your family, your company, or your farm.