Federal Action


Help Us Ensure the final Farm Bill includes the Senate’s hemp-friendly language

PASSED July 20, 2019

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The permanent legalization of hemp and products such as hemp-derived CBD is closer to reality.
The Hemp Farming Act has been attached to the version of the 2018 Farm Bill which passed the Senate floor.  The House version of the Farm Bill did not include hemp, so it is now up to a House/Senate Conference Committee to resolve the differences.
On this page, we provide you with a simple portal to empower you to send email messages to your Senators and Congressman to encourage them to advocate for the Senate’s hemp-friendly provisions. 
Our portal is “wicked smart.”  Once you enter your zip code, it will know whether or not your Congressman and/or Senators serve on the Conference Committee.  The portal will automatically populate different messages for conferees (support the Senate hemp language!) and non-conferees (ask conferees to support the Senate hemp language!)
Of course, while we have drafted some arguments for you, it would be even more effective for you to personalize the email by telling your representatives why hemp and hemp products are so important to you, your business, and/or your farm community.  Please keep in mind that our focus is on the farm economy and freedom of choice for consumers – please avoid any medical claims or advocacy for marijuana.