Federal Action


Help Us Pass Legislation to Permanently Legalize Hemp and Hemp Products

PASSED April 23, 2019

American farmers, small businesspeople and consumers have enthusiastically embraced the recent introduction of The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 (Senate Bill 2667 and House Bill 5485) which would permanently legalize hemp. Upon passage, these bills would establish hemp as an agricultural commodity, removing it completely and forever from the purview of the Controlled Substances Act.

As our lawmakers make important decisions about the future of hemp, it is critical to voice our support for the bills and the permanent legalization of hemp. Please send an email today to your representatives in Congress to express your support for fully legalizing hemp and urge them to co-sponsor Senate Bill 2667 and House Bill 5485. 

In the boxes at right, we provide you with a simple way to send email messages to your Senators and Congressman.  While we have drafted some arguments for you, it would be even more effective for you to personalize the email by telling your representatives why hemp and hemp products are so important to you, your business, and/or your farm community.  Please avoid any mention of marijuana or disease remediation claims – hemp legalization is not controversial once you know the facts and the differences with other cannabis products.