Federal Action

Urgent Call to Congress: Safeguard Hemp, Support Fair Regulation, and Ensure Child Safety

A coalition of 20 state Attorneys General has drafted a letter petitioning congressional leaders to revise the federal definition of ‘hemp,’ a move that could lead to the prohibition of many popular hemp extract products. In the letter, the AGs bemoan the proliferation of unregulated adult hemp products which are sometimes manufactured inappropriately and/or marketed to children. We share those legitimate concerns.

However, by suggesting that Congress change the definition of “hemp” – without specifying how – mischief could ensue which could likely result in the federal criminalization of currently-legal and popular hemp products.  As we have seen in some states, efforts like this have even resulted in bans of non-intoxicating full-spectrum CBD products. 

The appropriate answer is not re-definitions or bans. We need regulation. We have been, and will continue to, advocate for measures prioritizing safety and responsibility without stifling industry growth. Congress must swiftly reject any new prohibition, uphold the current definition of hemp, and ensure that regulatory decisions are rooted in evidence and fairness.

That’s why we need you to act today. Please use this Federal Action Center TODAY to contact your members of Congress urging them to 1) protect the current definition of hemp under federal law for clarity and stability in the regulatory landscape, and 2) implement fair regulations prioritizing safety and responsibility, particularly concerning products posing risks to children.

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