Virgin Islands


Urge Governor Inslee to Sign SB 5372

PASSED January 01, 2022

SB 5372 would create a registration for hemp processors to manufacture hemp extract for use as a food additive in states where hemp extract is legal as a food additive. This is an important expansion of Washington law, which currently states that hemp extract cannot be added to food or sold as a dietary supplement. Although there is troublesome language in the bill about products with more than 0.3% delta-9 THC being marijuana, on the whole, SB 5372 is a good bill that will open new markets for Washington’s hemp farmers and manufacturers and protect hemp extract manufacturing for purposes of banking and other ancillary services.


Please use our portal to encourage Governor Jay Inslee to sign SB 5372 into law. Our portal makes it super easy. Once you input your zip code, the appropriate email or state petition will populate—with Governor Inslee’s office already identified and an editable message prepared. With a simple click of the button, the Governor will hear your voice loud and clear.


Even if you do not hail from Washington, please share this page with your friends, colleagues, customers, and social media contacts in the state. Help us build our Hemp Supporter armies to assist us in these battles, which have a national impact.

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