September 12, 2019

Attention in California! We Need Your Help.

Urgent Call to Action in California

As we shared with a few weeks ago, our California dream bill, AB 228, legislation that would have legalized the retail sale of hemp-derived CBD in California, was declared dead for the session. We launched an email blitz asking for action, but with the legislature adjourning today, the earliest any legislation can pass will be January.

We have been assured that our efforts will be successful in January. But, as we’ve learned throughout, we cannot take this for granted.

Please use our online State Action Center to contact your state legislators with two urgent requests:

  1. To make passage of AB 228 a top priority of theirs for January.
  2. To contact the Governor to urge him to instruct the California Department of Public Health to cease and desist on any enforcement actions in the interim.

Our State Action Center makes it easy for you: Just type in your name, email and zip code, and a message will be populated and sent directly to your representatives in California. Feel free to personalize the message to let your reps know what hemp and CBD mean to you, your family, your farm, and/or your business.

And please rally all of your friends in California to join these efforts today.