November 02, 2018

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – U.S. Hemp Authority™ is Launched!

After decades of prohibition, the U.S. hemp industry has been reborn. Every day, more and more Americans adopt and come to rely on hemp-based products —for food, fabric, construction and hundreds of other applications. With this growth only set to increase, the time is now for the hemp industry to establish and embrace standards, best practices and self-regulation.

Enter the U.S. Hemp Authority

In an effort funded by the U.S. Hemp Roundtable — and joined by organizations such as the Hemp Industries Association and the American Herbal Products Association — industry leading firms, top-tier testing laboratories, and quality assessors developed comprehensive guidance for growers and processors of hemp. That’s because the hemp industry has a unique duty to consumers: not only to demonstrate to the public that its products are safe; but also to assure law enforcement that its products are legal.

The U.S. Hemp Authority™ Certification Program is administered by deeply experienced quality assurance and verification professionals who lead established food and agricultural industries. The Program is designed to specifically educate hemp farmers and hemp finished product producers in FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) such that consistent quality is assured and violations are avoided.

Hemp growers and processors who comply with the U.S. Hemp Authority Guidance Program, and verified by a 3rd party audit, will be authorized to use the U.S. Hemp Authority™ “Certified” Seal in their advertising, marketing and product labeling. The “Certified” Seal will give consumers confidence that their products are safe and of the highest possible quality, while giving law enforcement assurance that the products are legal hemp, and not illicit marijuana.

While the first “Certified” Seals will not be used on products until January 1, 2019, the time to apply is NOW. Additionally, the U.S. Hemp Authority™ offers a training program which will guide you through the certification process and prepare you for the audit.

Go to to start your application process, learn about training options, and sign up for the Authority’s email list to stay updated on developments.