February 04, 2019

CBD Arrests in Fort Worth

Last week, millions of Texans were sent into a fury by a television news report that suggested that the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office in Ft. Worth was preparing to arrest individuals for the simple possession of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD).

Many argue that this would be a miscarriage of justice, and well as a misappropriation of scarce resources needed to fight real criminals. Roundtable General Counsel Jonathan Miller fired off this letter urging local prosecutors to stand down.

But we also need your help. Texas legislators will soon be considering a bill that would make 100% clear that hemp-derived CBD could be sold at retail.

If you are a Texas resident or business owner, we urge you to go to our portal today which makes it easy for you to fire off your own letter to your legislators in Austin, encouraging them to support hemp farmers and hemp product consumers. Wherever you live, please share this email and our portal with your friends in the Lone Star State, as well as all of your social media contacts, helping us keep the pressure on Texas policymakers.

As we’ve proven so often in the past, when we share our voices, politicians listen.