July 08, 2020

FDA Report to Congress on CBD Labeling and Adulteration

U.S. Hemp Roundtable

A few hours ago, the FDA sent its long-awaited report to Congress, sampling the CBD marketplace to determine the extent that products are mislabeled or adulterated. The Roundtable got hold of it here.

There’s not much news here. Citing previous testing data and some more recent but limited random sampling, the FDA revealed what we already knew: While more work needs to be done to ensure CBD products consistently meet label claims, the majority of products do not contain unsafe contaminant levels, specifically heavy metals.

As an industry that holds itself to the highest standards, we would like to rid the marketplace of all improperly labeled products and unsafe products. Today’s report emphasizes what we have been arguing for years: It’s high time for the FDA to regulate CBD as a dietary supplement and food additive. The agency’s current public stance not only impairs hemp farmers and small businesses; an unregulated marketplace poses real health and safety concerns. Stay tuned for news in the coming days about efforts to require the FDA to act expeditiously.

In the meantime, we encourage all hemp growers, processors and brand owners to demonstrate that their products can be trusted through certification by the U.S. Hemp Authority®. This certification program is our industry’s initiative to provide high standards, best practices, and self-regulation, giving consumers and retailers confidence in hemp and CBD products. Click the button below to learn how you can get certified.