March 23, 2023

Help Bring Fair Delta-8 Laws to Your State

Help Us Pass Pro-Hemp Bills in California, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and South Dakota

Yesterday was a day of celebration in the Bluegrass State. Governor Andy Beshear has signed HB 544, requiring strict regulation of intoxicating products such as delta-8 THC, and ensuring that they are kept out of the hands of children. And the Roundtable is already working with the Governor’s office and agency officials to develop the new regulatory regime.

We’ve stated that Kentucky’s new law should be a model for the nation. Now we need your help in making that mission come true.

Too many states are trying to criminalize intoxicating compounds, returning us to the sad days of discriminatory prohibition. We see you Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia, North Dakota, Texas, and Washington.

Too many other states are doing nothing, failing to protect consumers, especially minors, from intoxicating products that are mislabeled or poorly manufactured, and sold without regulation at gas stations and vape shops.

Kentucky has the right approach – let’s strictly regulate these products and make sure that they are unavailable to minors. In whatever state you live or do business, our State Action Center makes it easy for you to contact your legislators and urge them to follow the Kentucky model.


Urge Your Legislators to Support Fair Laws for Delta-8

March 23, 2023

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