April 10, 2019

Help Us Improve Industry Standards!


Today, we’re proud to share an update on our sister organization, the U.S. Hemp Authority, from its President, Marielle Weintraub.

We need your help again. It’s time for Guidance Plan 2.0.

We are asking all Hemp Supporters – farmers, processors, manufacturers, product sellers, retailers and consumers – to weigh in on how we can make our Guidance Plan even stronger – how we can make the US Hemp Authority™ Certification Seal an even prouder symbol of safety and legality. It’s simple to participate:

Our web site provides details, a timetable for action and an easy to use Web form to submit your comments. Our first deadline is April 15 – initial suggestions for changes and additions to the Guidance Plan – so please act soon. These comments will be used by the Technical Committee to create the draft of Guidance Plan 2.0, and there will be a second opportunity to submit comments to that draft commencing on June 1. Please participate now so we have a great draft in June!And just as important – we ask you to share this notice with your friends, colleagues and social media contacts in the industry. While our email lists have grown, and we have asked the other major organizations in the industry to help us get the word out, the more people that participate, the more successful the program can be.Thanks so much for your help making this exciting new industry even greater and stronger.Best wishes,Marielle WeintraubPresident, US Hemp Authority