March 19, 2019

Hemp Declassified in Texas!

As you might remember, a few months ago, the Roundtable’s intrepid attorneys at Frost Brown Todd identified a provision buried in the statutes of more than a dozen states – when there was a federal de-classification of a drug, the state must follow suit.This led to an obvious conclusion – hemp should be removed from drug control in these states. Our voice was heard.

This week, we heard back from the Texas Health and Human Services commission. Their Commissioner reviewed our letter and agreed: and on March 15, he filed a regulatory amendment declassifying hemp as a controlled substance.Of course there’s more work to be done. An important bill has been filed by Rep. Tracy King which would not only establish a hemp growing program in the Lone Star State, but also make 100% clear that hemp products such as CBD could be sold at retail.

We need your help: If you are a Texas resident or business owner, head over to our State Action Center.

There you will insert your address, and with the click of a button you can fire off your own letter to your legislators in Austin, encouraging them to support hemp farmers and hemp products for consumers.If you don’t live in Texas, please share this portal with your friends in Lone Star State, as well as all of your social media contacts, helping us keep the pressure on Texas policymakers. As we’ve proven so often in the past, when we share our voices, politicians listen.