December 15, 2021

Hemp Industry Certifications – Whom Can You Trust?

Hemp Industry Certifications – Whom Can You Trust?

As hemp emerges from prohibition to a thriving industry, certification programs have been cropping up like weeds. These fill a needed vacuum: With FDA still refusing to regulate popular hemp products like CBD, retailers and consumers are left confused and concerned about what’s actually in the items they sell and purchase.

But hemp and CBD buyers and sellers should also beware of what’s actually in the certification programs themselves. Indeed, some threaten the integrity of the hemp industry and undermine consumer confidence in hemp products.

U.S. Hemp Authority (USHA) President, Marielle Weintraub, Ph.D. provides compelling considerations for companies looking to certify hemp products through independent, third-party audit programs in an op-ed piece, “Hemp Industry Certifications – Whom Can You Trust?,” published in the latest edition of Let’s Talk Hemp.

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