June 27, 2019

Hemp News From Various States

FLORIDA: On June 25, Florida Governor Ron Desantis signed SB 1020 into law, dramatically expanding Florida’s hemp program and explicitly legalizing the retail sale and possession of hemp-derived CBD. Individuals can now carry CBD on their person without arrest. In anticipation of this signing, Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner has already issued draft rules for implementation.

CALIFORNIA: On June 24, AB 228, a U.S. Hemp Roundtable-supported bill protecting the retail sale of hemp-derived CBD in California, which passed the House unanimously this spring, passed unanimously out of the Senate Business and Professions Committee where it was amended to provide for labeling and testing requirements for CBD products. The final step before the Senate floor is the Appropriations Committee, and we are hopeful that the bill will be fast-tracked. If you hail from California, visit our State Action Center to get in touch with your local legislation and urge for support of this bill.

NEW JERSEY: On June 20, the New Jersey General Assembly unanimously passed A5322, a bill which explicitly legalizes the retail sale of hemp-derived CBD, using provisions from the U.S. Hemp Roundtable’s Model State Act. Specifically, the bill declares that hemp products such as CBD “shall not be considered controlled substances” and “may be added as an ingredient to cosmetics, personal care products, or products intended for human or animal consumption.” The bill is now on Governor Phil Murphy’s desk and he is expected to sign it in the coming weeks.