May 03, 2019

Hemp Progress in Florida, Kansas and Texas

Another week passes, which means another week of hemp progress. Check out the latest:

Florida: This morning, the Sunshine State’s Senate passed SB 1020, a bill largely based on the Roundtable’s Model State Act that had previous passed the state House on March 25. The Governor is expected to sign this into law shortly. The bill provides for a dramatically expanded hemp growth program, and for the first time, the fully legal retail sale of hemp-derived CBD. Legislative leaders added labeling requirements (similar to Indiana) for CBD products, to ensure consumers that the products have been independently tested for THC and other substances. The bill includes some awkward language that defines label-requiring “hemp extract” – the Roundtable is seeking clarification that the requirements only apply to CBD, not to hemp seed foods. Stay tuned to this space.

Kansas: Senate Substitute to House Bill 2167 was passed by the legislature and recently signed by the Governor. It expands the state’s hemp growth program from research to commercialization and ensures that hemp and hemp products are not considered controlled substances. According to legislative analysis, the bill permits the sale of CBD products that are less than 0.3% THC, whereas prior law only permitted 0.0% THC products.

Texas: House Bill 1325 (PDF), based on the Roundtable’s Model State Act, will be heard by the Senate Agriculture Committee on Monday, May 6. The bill would launch a hemp growth program and provide belt-and-suspenders protection for hemp products like CBD, with labeling requirements — specifically exempting non-CBD hemp products from the labeling requirements. It passed the House of Representatives unanimously on 4/23, but we definitely need your help. Texans: please use our portal to contact your state Senators to secure final passage. If you hail outside the Lone Star State, please alert your Texas friends via email and social media to have their voices heard through our easy-to-use portal.