June 30, 2020

Hemp Progress in Nevada

Hemp Progress in Nevada

Great news from Nevada – the Silver State has become the latest to explicitly permit the sale of hemp-derived CBD as a dietary supplement, food additive and cosmetic.

This month, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services shared its draft rules and regulations to govern the sale of consumable hemp and CBD products.

Today, the US Hemp Roundtable submitted its formal comments [Link to attached] to these proposed regs. While we appreciate and support much of the good work done by the health cabinet, our comments seek to provide more clarity, as well as promote uniformity and consistency with applicable federal requirements. While the FDA delays regulating CBD, states like Nevada have filled the vacuum by moving forward; the US Hemp Roundtable consistently monitors these developments and offers suggestions to limit the variance among states as this patchwork develops.

Please read our comments here. If you wish to echo or comments or you have further suggestions, please share them with the state at [email protected].