July 18, 2018

Hemp Progress in the Lone Star State

While forty states have passed some form of legislation legalizing hemp, the nation’s second largest state, Texas, hasn’t yet joined the party. Yesterday, however, proved to be a Texas-sized boot step in the right direction.

Testifying before the Texas House Agriculture & Livestock Committee, U.S. Hemp Roundtable Board member Jeff Williams and our General Counsel Jonathan Miller provided a powerful one-two punch of hemp knowledge. Jeff, one of the state’s leading ranchers, made a passionate case for how hemp can provide an exciting new opportunity for Texas farmers. Jonathan eloquently (and humorously) led the committee through hemp legalization’s recent history, giving lawmakers confidence that Texas can and should legalize hemp in the 2019 legislative session.

Passing a law in Texas is especially critical given the recent controversy we discussed in this May article when our public pressure prompted the Texas Department of Health Services to reverse its anti-hemp-derived CBD guidance.

Please check out the link to Jeff and Jonathan’s testimony here (Jonathan:2:06:38/Jeff:2:29:36). And if you are interested in joining the battle, please let us know.