July 08, 2022

Hemp Task Force in VA, Potential Change to New Law in NC, and Regulatory Developments in CA & MN

State Alert

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In Virginia, recently enacted HB 30 establishes a joint task force for making recommendations for the manufacture and sale of hemp extracts and other THC-containing products. The task force held its first meeting yesterday. At the invitation of the task force, the Roundtable submitted written comments concerning HB 30’s 21-and-older age restriction for all THC-containing hemp extracts. The comments urge the task force to regulate nonintoxicating hemp products differently than intoxicating cannabis products and to exclude nonintoxicating hemp products from the age restriction. Virginia Hemp Supporters are encouraged to submit comments on the topic. The task force will accept comments until 11:59pm on August 2. You can submit your comments here.

North Carolina

Last week, we reported that SB 455 was headed to the Governor’s desk. The Governor signed the bill shortly after our alert. In part, the new law removes THCs found in hemp and hemp products from the drug scheduling of THC. But a different bill, HB 252, would modify the THC exception. Versions of HB 252, which originally concerned bail bondsmen laws, passed both chambers and proceeded to a conference committee. Late in the conference process—and on the same day SB 455 was signed—the committee approved a substitute that changes the drug scheduling exception so that it applies to THCs in a product that does not exceed 0.3% delta-9 THC, not to THCs “found in hemp or hemp products.” HB 252 was presented to the Governor earlier this week.


As we hinted, we expected regulatory guidance on Minnesota’s new law establishing THC limits for edible cannabinoid products. The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy delivered. Its FAQ document from June 30 clarifies the types of nonintoxicating cannabinoid and edible cannabinoid products to which the new law applies. Additionally, the document addresses other aspects of the new law, including licensing and product approval, labeling and packaging, and consumer protections.


You might recall that California’s momentous new hemp law from last year, AB 45, required the Department of Public Health to promulgate emergency regulations for the manufacture and sale of hemp products and imposed a manufacturing registration requirement. Applications for the various types of manufacturing registrations are now posted online, along with guidance on which registration(s) to seek. We have heard the Department’s emergency regulations, which the Department revised earlier this year to address industry concerns, have been approved, are effective, and will be published soon. We will continue monitoring the Department’s website for the latest developments.

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