May 15, 2019

Jersey Girls and Jersey Boys – Hemp Needs Your Help

This week, critical hemp legislation was introduced in the New Jersey legislature: Assembly Bill 5322 and Senate Bill 3686. These identical companion bills, based on the Roundtable’s Model State Act, would align New Jersey’s nascent hemp program with the 2018 Farm Bill – and importantly, provide explicit protections for the retail sale of hemp products such hemp-derived CBD.

Tomorrow (Thursday, May 16), these bills will be heard by the Assembly Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee (1 PM ET) and the Senate Economic Growth Committee (10:30 AM ET).

Hemp Supporters: We need your help.

If you are a Jersey Girl or a Jersey Boy, or otherwise claim residence or own a business in the Garden State, please use our online portal to contact your legislators to support this important legislation. It is super easy: Just click here, enter your zip code, and a message will populate to your State Senator and State Assemblyman that you can personalize. Only a few minutes of your time can make a huge difference.

If you are not from Joisey, but have friends there – please share this email or this message on social media with your New Jersey contacts. Joisey is already famous for Springsteen, Sinatra, Bon Jovi and Snookie – let’s work to make hemp and CBD legal and available all up the Jersey Shore and beyond.