January 31, 2023

New Bills in Three States. And Another Coming Soon?

State Alert

Check out the latest legislative updates across the states and take action today!

Most state legislatures are back in session and new hemp and CBD bills are on the move. Even in these early days, we’ve already identified concerning bills in several states. And another bill to watch could be coming soon.


You might remember that Roundtable General Counsel Jonathan Miller testified to the Virginia Task Force on intoxicating cannabinoids. SB 903 and HB 1973 are two bills that resulted from the Task Force’s work. We support some aspects of the bills, including their intent to distinguish between hemp products and intoxicating adult-use cannabis, to ensure truth in labeling and quality assurance for hemp products, and to prohibit disease remediation claims. However, the bills have significant problems – including criminalizing intoxicating cannabinoids and imposing unfair, burdensome requirements on non-intoxicating hemp extracts like CBD. We’re asking legislators to amend the bills–changes which are necessary to protect the viability of the hemp and CBD industries in Virginia. Please use our State Action Center to urge legislators to amend SB 903 and HB 1973.


In Washington State, a concerning bill, SB 5367, would limit hemp consumable products, including tinctures, to 1 mg THC per serving and 3 mg THC per package. The limits – which are arbitrary and proposed without any scientific reasoning or industry input – would wreak havoc on the nonintoxicating hemp extract marketplace. The bill had a committee hearing yesterday and seems to be moving quickly. We encourage Washington Hemp Supporters to use our State Action Center to urge legislators to oppose SB 5367’s THC milligrams limits.


Wyoming HB 0137 criminalizes CBD products for persons under 21. The only exception is for topical CBD products with 0.3% delta-9 THC or less. We oppose age requirements for safe, non-intoxicating hemp products like CBD. Therefore, we strongly encourage Wyoming Hemp Supporters to use our State Action Center to ask legislators to defeat the bill.


Finally, as directed by last year’s SB 22-205, a Colorado Task Force delivered its recommendations concerning the regulation of intoxicating hemp and THC products. Together with Governor Jared Polis’s office, the Task Force developed a compromise that brings Colorado closer to appropriate regulation of intoxicating products. However, we retain concerns about the report, and encourage Colorado Hemp Supporters to review the comments submitted by the Roundtable. Colorado lawmakers will now consider whether—and to what extent—to put the recommendations into law. Be prepared for action once legislation is introduced.