January 26, 2024

New Bills in Three States: Georgia, South Dakota, and Virginia

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In Georgia, SB 350 would limit all consumable hemp products, even non-intoxicating CBD products, to persons 21 or older. Age restrictions for legal hemp-derived products that are safe and pose no risk of intoxication is unwise policy and likens hemp-derived CBD to illicit drugs and impairing substances like alcohol.

We encourage Hemp Supporters in Georgia to use our State Action Center to urge legislators to oppose the bill.

South Dakota

In South Dakota, HB 1125 would prohibit converting CBD into delta-8 THC or similar THC isomers, analogs, or derivatives and the sale of industrial hemp products that contained chemically derived or modified cannabinoids. This kind of manufacturing restriction goes too far and reduces economic opportunities for hemp farmers and businesses.

We encourage South Dakota Hemp Supporters to use our State Action Center to urge legislators to follow the Kentucky model—rather than outright prohibition, let’s regulate intoxicating products and make sure that they are unavailable to minors.   


But it’s not all bad news. In Virginia, HB 1485 would increase the THC threshold to 1% for hemp in the field. The Roundtable is pressing DC lawmakers for the same change to be made in the 2024 Farm Bill.

Another bill—SB 448—would improve Virginia’s regulatory environment for hemp by exempting hemp growers, manufacturers, processors, and retailers from certain business license requirements and by excluding hemp and hemp products from Virginia’s 12% marijuana tax. Previously, the bill had harmful language that would have required all CBD products to be sold through a marijuana dispensary, but thanks to the Virginia Hemp Coalition’s advocacy efforts, the language was removed.

We encourage Virginia Hemp Supporters to use our State Action Center to urge legislators to support SB 448.

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