December 23, 2022

New Rules in VT, and 50-State Tracking in 2023

New Rules in VT, and 50-State Tracking in 2023

Happy holiday season!

For a final time in 2022, we want to alert you to a state’s new rules for hemp products.


On November 4, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board released a Bulletin on Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products stating that all hemp-derived products with 1mg or more of THC per serving are subject to the testing, labeling, and packaging requirements for cannabis products. All synthetic cannabinoids and hemp-derived cannabinoids with 1mg or more per serving must also comply with the requirements. Retailers who wish to sell such products must be licensed. We expect further guidance about the requirements soon, as the Cannabis Control Board is developing more comprehensive rules for 2023.

50-State Tracking in 2023

Looking ahead, we’re expecting a busy year in state legislatures across the country in 2023. We’ve already started identifying states where new hemp bills and regulations are likely to make headlines—like Texas, where a pre-filed bill would prohibit retailers that are not registered from distributing or selling consumable hemp products that are not Generally Recognized As Safe. The bill would also prohibit the manufacture, sale, or purchase of consumable hemp products which contain synthetically derived THCs or any THC exceeding 0.3% on a dry weight basis.

If you have ideas about where we should focus our state-tracking efforts in the New Year, please share them with us. Your feedback is important and makes a difference.