March 20, 2019

Progress for Hemp in California

Urgent Call to Action in California

Exciting news from the Golden State!

A Roundtable-supported bill that would clarify that hemp-derived CBD is legal for manufacture, distribution and sale in the state of California passed out of the Assembly Committee on Health yesterday afternoon without a single no vote. 

AB 228 would expressly permit the retail sale of hemp-derived CBD in foods and supplements, and also in topical applications. As a bonus, we’ve got the committee analysis here for you today. If this bill passes the Assembly and the Senate floors with the current urgency clause included, the law would go into immediate effect following Governor Newsom’s signature.

As you probably remember, last year, the California Department of Public Health issued guidance, inaccurately alleging that hemp-derived CBD is prohibited by law to be sold in retail stores in the state. The passage of AB 228 would redress the pronouncement which has cast a chill on legal commerce in popular products that promote health and wellness among California citizens, making clear that hemp and hemp-products are legal for retail sale.

We now expect AB 228 to go to the Assembly Business and Professions Committee sometime next week. Following successful passage from the committee, the bill will then go to the Appropriations Committee before finally making it to the Assembly floor. It’s a long process, but we are confident our Hemp Supporters can urge some quick movement here.

If you live in California, please use our State Action Center today – urge your legislators to support AB 228. If not, please share with your friends and colleagues that do!