February 20, 2019

Senate Bill 57 Introduced in Ohio!

As you remember, in 2018 the Ohio Board of Pharmacy issued guidance, inaccurately alleging that hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is prohibited by law to be sold in retail stores in their state. Then, in February 2019, Ohio Health officials threatened to embargo some CBD products. These actions which have cast a chill on legal commerce in popular products that promote health and wellness among Ohio citizens. 

BUT here’s the good news: The Ohio legislature is working to correct these misguided attempts to ban hemp sold at retail. Senate Bill 57, introduced yesterday by Senators Steve Huffman and Brian Hill, would make hemp and the retail sale of hemp derived CBD legal across the state of Ohio.

Watch our General Counsel, Jonathan Miller, go further into detail during our Facebook Live post yesterday afternoon.

If you are a resident or business owner in Ohio, please use our portal to send an email to your state legislators to support this legislation. Our portal makes it super easy — once you input your zip code, the appropriate email or state petition will populate — with your legislators already identified and an editable message prepared. With a simple click of the button, they will hear your voice loud and clear. Even if you do not hail from the Buckeye State yourself, please share this petition with your friends, colleagues, customers and social media contacts in Ohio!