December 17, 2018

Thanks Mitch!

U.S. Hemp Roundtable

As we await the official presidential signing of the 2018 Farm Bill (our sources predict the ceremony to take place on Tuesday or Wednesday), it’s time to give thanks to the extraordinary leaders who brought us to the precipice of hemp legalization. The list is long – Senators Wyden, Paul, Schumer and Merkley…Congressmen Comer, Polis, Massie, Blumenauer, Goodlatte, Peterson and Conaway…and so many more. But at the top of that list stands Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Without him, we would never have secured legalization so quickly.

No matter your political viewpoint, we owe Leader McConnell a debt of gratitude. Our general counsel, Jonathan Miller, was long a political opponent of McConnell’s. The former State Treasurer of Kentucky, Jonathan was perhaps the most liberal gubernatorial candidate in state history, and chaired the Kentucky Democratic Party. But after working with McConnell and his team for nearly seven years, he is grown deeply appreciative of McConnell’s leadership on hemp. Jonathan wrote an op-ed that was picked up by several newspapers about their improbable, extraordinary journey. Read it here. And check out here some of the other press that the Roundtable has been getting during our victory lap