December 20, 2018

TODAY: Tune in to the Farm Bill Signing Ceremony and our Facebook Live Q&A

U.S. Hemp Roundtable

We are so excited to announce that today at 2:30pm Eastern, President Trump will be signing the Farm Bill. Tune in at 2:30 PM EST to watch LIVE: In just FIVE hours, hemp and its derivates will be permanently removed from the Controlled Substance Act. We’ve been hearing that you all have some questions about what happens next, so we have a *SURPRISE* for you! Our General Counsel, Jonathan Miller – who drafted this widely circulated summary of the Farm Bill last week — will be hosting a Facebook Live Q&A event at 3:00pm Eastern following the signing! Be sure to like our Facebook page so you receive the notification when he goes live. It’s an exciting time for hemp. We thank you all for everything you have done to get us here, and we look forward to working with all of our Hemp Supporters as this industry keeps moving forward!