April 19, 2024

U.S. Hemp Authority Announces Adult Use Hemp Product Certification

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Under the leadership of new president, Chris Fontes, U.S. Hemp Authority will certify delta-8,delta-9 like products

April 10th, 2024

WASHINGTON D.C. — Hemp products with the potential to impair – such as Delta 8- and Delta 9-THC –
have proliferated with no federal regulation in recent years, leading to growing concerns about quality, safety
and access by minors. Some have called for drastic action, including a letter from 22 state Attorneys General
and a more recent statement from a marijuana trade group that calls for the federal criminalization of all hemp
products, even those that are non-intoxicating like CBD. Such action would devastate the hemp industry,
U.S. farmers, and small businesses that sell these products – not to mention deny millions of consumers
access to popular health and wellness alternatives.

The hemp industry has advocated for a more reasonable approach – secure federal regulation to protect
health and safety and ensure that products that potentially impair are kept out of the hands of children.
Today, the industry announces a new effort to assume more responsibility for these products in the continued
absence of federal regulation.

The U.S. Hemp Authority (USHA) certification program – the industry’s initiative to provide high standards,
best practices and self-regulation – is proud to announce a new leadership team and a new mission. For six
years, USHA has provided consumers, retailers, policymakers and law enforcement confidence in
non-intoxicating hemp and CBD products. Dozens of hemp companies have been awarded the USHA
certification seal, assuring that their products meet the program’s rigorous, industry-refined standards and
procedures, as confirmed through an independent review by a third-party auditing firm.

In recent years, the hemp extract marketplace has dramatically transformed, with a significant majority of
hemp products being sold that can potentially impair consumers. Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC hemp products
have become particularly prevalent, surging in popularity, but also raising concerns about quality control in a
federally-unregulated market. Recent studies have shown, moreover, that too many children are accessing
these products, due to lack of controls and/or inappropriate marketing. Misguided policymakers have led
efforts to ban these products, moving the industry back into the dark days of prohibition. Some states have
stepped into the breach with reasonable regulation, but there appears no indication that there will be any
federal action in the near future.

In order to reshape public policy around hemp, and to build confidence among retailers and consumers alike,
USHA today announces its upcoming launch of an Adult Use Hemp Product Certification Program.
The current USHA certification standard for non-intoxicating products will provide the baseline requirements
for USHA’s new Adult Use seal – ensuring that products use good manufacturing practices, truth in labeling,
and other measures that the FDA requires for dietary supplements and food and beverages. The Adult Use
Hemp Product Certification Program will require additional compliance points to promote safety and ensure
that products with the potential of impairment are kept out of the hands of children.

USHA will be developing detailed standards in the coming weeks and will once again ask all hemp
stakeholders to weigh in for public comment. A new leadership team is in place to develop the first draft, led
by new President Chris Fontes. Chris, the Founder and CEO of High Spirits Beverages, is a dynamic
individual with a rich history of innovation and leadership in the cannabis industry and beyond. His
entrepreneurial journey spans several successful ventures, including Trojan Horse Cannabis, Project Hemp
Flower, and Hemp Exchange, all of which played pivotal roles in shaping the US hemp industry. Chris’s
visionary leadership led to the development of the industry’s first hemp-derived D9 THC products, and the
launch of Trojan Horse Cannabis and High Spirits Beverages.

The USHA Board expresses its deepest gratitude to its outgoing President, Marielle Weintraub. Marielle not
only led the organization through its successful first six years; she provided extraordinary volunteer diligence
in developing and refining the award-winning standard. Her critical leadership has laid the groundwork for a
successful program.


The U.S. Hemp Authority Certification Program is the hemp industry’s initiative to provide high standards, best
practices, and self-regulation, giving consumers and retailers confidence in hemp and CBD products.
Companies who have been awarded this certification meet its stringent criteria, the program promotes
responsible sourcing, manufacturing, and labeling practices, ultimately ensuring that consumers can make
informed choices about the products they purchase. More at

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