December 09, 2020

U.S. Hemp Authority® Draft 2 of Standard Version 3.0 Open for Public Comment

U.S. Hemp Authority® Draft 2 of Standard Version 3.0 Open for Public Comment

The U.S. Hemp Authority is undertaking a revision of its Standard (heretofore known as the Guidance Procedures v2.0) in line with the Terms of Reference the Board of Directors established for this process in early 2020.

An initial draft for public consultation was released beginning September 2020, with comments received for the subsequent 6 weeks. Numerous comments were received, and all were duly considered. A summary of the comments along with the U.S. Hemp Authority’s response to them, is published here.

The comments have resulted in a progressed draft version of the Standard, which is now released for an additional public comment round. The draft is available for viewing using this link.

Over the past few years, thousands of industry experts have answered the U.S. Hemp Authority’s calls to help develop industry standards in what they have termed Guidance Plan 1.0, Guidance 2.0, and Standard 3.0 Draft 1– their previous standard iterations that demonstrate the industry’s professionalism and promote confidence among consumers that hemp products can be trusted, and among government officials that hemp products meet clear standards.

The U.S. Hemp Authority needs your help again. It’s time for public comments on their new and improved U.S. Hemp Authority® Standard – Version 3.0.

This month, they are asking the hemp industry – farmers, processors, manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and consumers – to weigh in on how they can make the Standard even stronger – how they can make the US Hemp Authority® Certification Seal an even prouder symbol of confidence, trust, truth in labeling, and transparency of process.

The deadline for submission of comments is December 31st – so please act soon.

And just as important – we ask you to share this notice with your friends, colleagues and social media contacts in the industry. The more people that participate, the more successful this program can continue to be.

Thank you so much for your help making this exciting industry even greater and stronger.