May 27, 2022

U.S. Hemp Authority® Releases Certification Program Standard Version 4.0 Draft; Requests Public Comment by June 15th

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New Draft Standard Provides Clarification On Glossary Terms, Intoxicating Cannabinoid Products and Manufacturer Requirements

The U.S. Hemp Authority® has released a draft Version 4.0 of the standard for its Certification Program for public comment to better serve the evolving hemp and CBD industries. The U.S. Hemp Authority® Standard v4.0 includes clarifications on glossary terms, intoxicating cannabinoid products and manufacturing requirements.

The U.S. Hemp Authority® Standard, through its Certification Program and seal aims to assure all interested parties with production practices meet legal requirements for quality of hemp and hemp-derived ingredients and products, that ingredients and products are handled to maintain product integrity, and are labeled to represent their contents truthfully and clearly. Certified operators are held accountable for demonstrating compliance with all applicable requirements of the Standard, including providing for adequate worker training and safety, and documentation of practices to verify product quality, authenticity, and traceability.

Over the past few years, thousands of industry experts have answered the U.S. Hemp Authority’s calls to help develop industry standards in what they have termed Guidance Plan 1.0, Guidance 2.0, Standard 3.0, and the latest, Standard 4.0 – previous iterations demonstrate the industry’s professionalism and promote confidence among consumers that hemp products can be trusted, and among government officials that hemp products meet clear standards.

Once again, U.S. Hemp Authority® is calling on the hemp industry – farmers, manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and consumers – to weigh in by on how they can make the Standard even stronger, and how they can make the U.S. Hemp Authority® Certification Seal an even prouder symbol of confidence, trust, truth in labeling, and transparency of process.

The draft version of the U.S. Hemp Authority® Certification Program Standard v4.0 is available for public comment through June 15th. All comments can be submitted to [email protected].

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