September 21, 2020

Congress Provides Regulatory Flexibility for US Hemp Farmers (Updated)

U.S. Hemp Roundtable

UPDATED (10/1)

This morning, the President signed the Continuing Resolution referenced below. Thanks to all of our Hemp Supporters for their great work. When we raise our voices, we win!


You’ve heard from us many times about our concerns with the USDA’s Interim Final Rule (IFR). That agency’s initial foray into regulating the growth and processing of hemp has caused much heartache for U.S. hemp farmers, in that it does not provide the kind of flexibility on issues like THC testing, hot hemp disposal and plant sampling that farmers need in order to successfully profit from their hemp crops. That’s why nearly two dozen state hemp programs have chosen to continue to operate under the authorizations provided by the 2014 Farm Bill, which are more flexible than the IFR.

Several weeks ago we enlisted you in an effort to secure passage of an appropriations bill that would extend the 2014 Farm Bill flexibility through September 2021. Unfortunately, that bill languishes under partisan infighting.

But we have great news – and a need for your help once again.

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a continuing resolution – that thanks to YOUR grassroots lobbying – includes an extension of the 2014 Farm Bill protections to September 30, 2021. (scroll to Sec. 122). This resolution will come to the House and Senate floors THIS WEEK, so we need your urgent help ensuring its passage.

Please click here to use our online portal to urge your Members of Congress to support inclusion of this House provision in the final continuing resolution. With a simple few clicks, your Members of Congress will hear your voice loud and clear.

Thanks in advance for your important work.