March 18, 2022

Updates on Recent Bills

State Alert

Check out the latest legislative updates across the states and take action today!

South Dakota

In South Dakota, HB 1292 sets a 21-and-up age restriction for delta-8. The bill was signed into law on March 10, 2022.


Congratulations to Utah Hemp Supporters! SB 209, which authorizes veterinarians to discuss the effects of CBD and hemp products with the animal’s owner, passed both chambers and is awaiting action by the Governor. We urged support for the bill.


Finally, we’ve been watching bills in Maryland that risked treating hemp derivatives as medical cannabis and restricting non-intoxicating hemp products from retail sale. Harmful language was stripped from one of the bills—SB 788—which passed the Senate this week. The bill now focuses on the definition of medical cannabis and directs a cannabis commission to study regulating THCs other than delta-9 and manufactured products that contain delta-8 or delta-10. There’s more good news: a new bill in Maryland—SB 1006—improves the other bills because it allows the addition of hemp to consumable hemp products up to 1% total THC and drops confusing language about products made from using hemp not being hemp products.