February 05, 2021

Urge Congress to Support H.R. 841, Hemp/CBD Legislation

U.S. Hemp Roundtable

The time is now. The time has come for action.

Last year was awfully tough for hemp farmers and CBD businesses. Severe economic hardship was the result of continued regulatory uncertainty concerning hemp extract products. Meanwhile, the CBD market remains an unregulated Wild West – consumers are having a difficult time identifying products they can trust.

In September of 2020, U.S. Reps. Kurt Schrader (D-OR) and Morgan Griffith (R-VA) introduced a legislative solution – the Hemp and Hemp-Derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act – a bill which would provide a clear legal pathway for the sale of hemp extracts like CBD, while ensuring that products must comply with the rigorous regulatory framework existing for dietary supplements. In a few short months, the bill garnered 30 co-sponsors, 18 Democrats and 12 Republicans, demonstrating deep and broad bi-partisan support for hemp farmers and businesses.

Yesterday, Reps. Schrader and Griffith and 17 of their colleagues, reintroduced the bill as H.R. 841. Its prospects look bright in this year’s Congress.

But we can only have success with YOUR help. Please go to our online portal today, enter your name and zip code, and an email message to your Member of Congress will be populated for your personalization and transmission. Please also encourage your friends, business associates, and social media contacts to access the portal today. Only if we all act will this critical bill be expedited through Congress.

The time has come for action. The time is now.