September 03, 2019

We Need Your Help in California!

Urgent Call to Action in California

As we let you know last Friday, we received some very disappointing news from Sacramento: AB 228, legislation that would have legalized the retail sale of hemp-derived CBD in California, was declared dead for the session. This caught us by surprise – the bill had been through 5 committees and the House floor, and had never received a “no” vote.

We still don’t know the full details why, but we’ve been assured that AB 228, or a bill like it, will pass before the end of January, if not earlier. But as we just learned, we cannot take positive thoughts for granted. We need your help TODAY.

Please use our online State Action Center to contact your state legislators with two urgent requests:

  1. To contact the leaders of the Senate Appropriations Committee, where the bill was held, to allow consideration this month on AB 228 or a similar bill.
  2. To contact the Governor to urge him to instruct the California Department of Public Health to cease and desist on any enforcement actions while the legislature deliberates. We cannot allow them to continue to cast a pall on this thriving industry.

We have made it easy for you in our State Action Center: just type in your name, email and zip code, and a message will be populated and sent directly to your representatives in California. Feel free to personalize the message to let your reps know what hemp and CBD mean to you, your family, your farm, and/or your business.

And please rally all of your friends in California to join these efforts today. When we share our voices, we win!