March 25, 2020

Work from Home. Work for Hemp.

Work from Home. Work for Hemp.

When our Greatest Generation fought World War II, “Hemp for Victory” was both a film and a rallying cry: U.S. farmers were asked to grow more hemp to support the troops through rope, canvas and uniforms.

Today’s generations have a new great communal challenge – combatting the COVID-19 virus and preparing to rebuild the economy when the battle is won.

Unfortunately, due to decades of prohibition, we can’t immediately manufacture and distribute large volumes of hemp-based and blended products to equip today’s troops — our brave health care workers and first responders. However, the U.S. Hemp Roundtable strongly believes there are steps the hemp industry can take to support the American effort:

We can conceptualize innovative ideas on how hemp farmers and product manufacturers can support community and national remediation efforts.

We can engage in charitable efforts to assist our most vulnerable neighbors who are endangered by the virus.

We can start planning for our economic recovery by suggesting policy approaches that will empower hemp farmers, processors, manufacturers and small businesses to generate jobs and commerce.

The time to act is now. Today, the U.S. Hemp Roundtable is launching our “Work from Home, Work for Hemp” campaign. Each Wednesday, we will be sharing with you our game plan to help advance the interests of hemp – and our nation – and providing you with the online tools to make your voices heard, all from the privacy and convenience of your home computer.

We hope everyone is safe and healthy. If you have a little time on your hands this week and are inspired by this effort, please share with us your suggestions – at [email protected] – on how the hemp industry can advance the nation’s interests. We will highlight those ideas, technologies, initiatives and ventures on our website, and will share them with U.S. policymakers who will help lead us to victory against the coronavirus.

And please join us today at 5:00 PM ET for a Facebook LIVE session on our Facebook Page. Our General Counsel, Jonathan Miller, will be sharing an update on our efforts, answer your questions, and welcome your ideas on how the hemp industry can support our nation in this time of need.