Hemp-Killing Bill SB 1698 Passed in Florida. Act Now to Urge Governor’s Veto!

We’ve reached a critical moment for the hemp industry in Florida. SB 1698 has been passed by the legislature, although the vote tally was tight, reflecting significant opposition due to your advocacy. The final language eliminates much of the hemp products industry in Florida, killing retail business and farmer opportunities.

We have one last chance to defeat it. Governor Ron DeSantis – an outspoken advocate for small businesses – can veto the bill, and given the building opposition in the legislature, such a veto would not likely be overturned. The U.S. Hemp Roundtable is leading an effort to urge the Governor’s veto. Please join us.

Your immediate action is vital! The future of our industry hangs in the balance, and we cannot afford to delay. By coming together and raising our voices, we can influence the decision-making process and ensure a brighter future for hemp in Florida.

Step 1: Send a Letter