Please support HB 5058, HB 5059, HB 5060, HB 5061

PASSED December 31, 2021

HB 5058, HB 5059, HB 5060, HB 5061 are important bills being supported by the Roundtable. Together, they would ensure that hemp-derived CBD could be sold as a dietary supplement or food and beverage additive. HB 5058 provides that food is not adulterated solely because it contains hemp. HB 5059 removes the requirement that a hemp grower be licensed as a hemp or marijuana processor to sell finished hemp products. HB 5060 amends a law that currently subjects retailers and others to excessive, strict product liability for selling hemp products that technically do not comply with state law. HB 5061 clarifies the legalize of hemp products, including topicals and consumable food and dietary supplements. 

Collectively, the bills would strengthen Michigan’s hemp laws and create a more favorable and equitable legal landscape for hemp and hemp products. Please use our portal to encourage Michigan lawmakers to support HB 5058, HB 5059, HB 5060, and HB 5061. Our portal makes both efforts super easy. Once you input your zip code, the appropriate email or state petition will populate—with your legislators already identified and an editable message prepared. With a simple click of the button, they will hear your voice loud and clear.

Even if you do not hail from Michigan, please share this page with your friends, colleagues, customers, and social media contacts in the state. Help us build our Hemp Supporter armies to assist us in these battles, which have a national impact.