Urge California’s Governor Jerry Brown to Sign New Hemp Bill

PASSED September 12, 2019

Last month, the California Legislature overwhelmingly passed SB 1409, which would dramatically expand the hemp industry in the Golden State.  Under the strong sponsorship of Senator Scott Wilk, SB 1409 helps reconcile California’s current laws with the federal Farm Bill.  In so doing, SB 1409 would facilitate a dramatic expansion of hemp farming and hemp businesses in the nation’s largest state.
The bill sits on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk, awaiting his signature.  Gov. Brown will be retiring soon after an extraordinary career in public service, and signing this bill will further illustrate his commitment to agriculture generally and hemp specifically. 
If you live in California, please contact the Governor using the portal on this page.  Once you enter your contact information, it will prepare a draft email that will automatically be sent to the Governor. Of course, while we have drafted some arguments for you, it would be even more effective for you to personalize the email by telling your representatives why hemp and hemp products are so important to you, your business, and/or your farm community.  Please keep in mind that our focus is on the farm economy and freedom of choice for consumers – please avoid any medical claims or advocacy for marijuana.
If you don’t live in California, please share this message with your California friends, colleagues, customers and social media contacts.

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