March 10, 2023

Good News For Delta-8 Regulation in the Bluegrass State

Big Hemp News in Kentucky…With National Impact

As you know, the Roundtable has been deeply engaged in the development of fair and appropriate regulations for delta-8 THC in Kentucky. Unregulated intoxicating products like delta-8 pose a health crisis for Kentucky and the nation, but complete criminalization misses the mark. Rather than an outright prohibition, we support an approach that strictly regulates products for their intoxicating nature and keeps them out of the hands of children.

Yesterday, the Kentucky House unanimously passed HB 544, strong legislation that strikes the perfect balance. We believe HB 544 can serve as a model for state legislatures across the country.

General Counsel of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable and former Kentucky State Treasurer, Jonathan Miller, issued the following statement —

“The U.S. Hemp Roundtable, the hemp industry’s national advocacy organization that was born in the Bluegrass State, applauds Rep. Rebecca Raymer and a unanimous House of Representatives for passing strong legislation to regulate delta-8 THC and keep it out of the hands of minors. Unregulated intoxicating products pose a health crisis for Kentucky and the nation, but measures to criminalize these products are not prudent. HB 544 cuts the perfect balance by ensuring strict regulations that will keep children from accessing these adult products. We think it will serve for a model for the nation as state legislatures look to address this issue. We strongly urge the state Senate to follow suit and pass HB 544 in the coming days,”Jonathan Miller, General Counsel, US Hemp Roundtable; former Kentucky State Treasurer.

Katie Moyer, president of the Kentucky Hemp Association, described the situation in the hemp industry with delta-8 THC products as the “wild west.” She testified alongside Raymer in favor of the bill during the committee meeting.

“(Delta-8 THC) is coming from who knows where. We’re surely not getting it from Kentucky producers who are growing it here and who we can go visit their store, their facility and make sure it’s clean and make sure they know who they’re getting their materials from,” Moyer said.

Check this AP News coverage.

If you are a Hemp Supporter living or doing business in the state of Kentucky, please use our State Action Center to urge the state Senate to pass this legislation on behalf of hemp consumers and the hemp industry.