May 31, 2024

Good news in Illinois, Bad News in Iowa & New Jersey, New Bill in Ohio

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Good news in Illinois, where the legislative session ended without a vote on HB 4293. The original bill passed the House and the Senate passed an amended version, but the House failed to pass the Senate’s amendments. The bill’s THC limits posed an existential threat that would have removed virtually all hemp products from retail markets. Thanks to the hard work of local hemp farmers and business and the grassroots efforts of Hemp Supporters (who sent more than 1,700 emails to legislators!), HB 4293 is dead for now. But we’re keeping a close eye for efforts to resurrect the bill next year.


There’s bad news in Iowa. Following HF 2605’s enactment two weeks ago, the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services is already planning to issue rules for hemp beverages. HHS reportedly will consider a closed-container beverage “as one serving per container, regardless of its ability to be resealed or the total fluid ounces it contains.” This would mean that consumable hemp beverages must contain 4mg total THC per serving and per container. Any beverage with more than 4mg total THC would be prohibited. HHS’s proposed definition conflicts with HF 2605’s total THC limits of 4mg per serving/10mg per container. Hemp Supporters in Iowa should stand ready to oppose HHS’s rule when it becomes publicly available.

New Jersey

Bad news in New Jersey, too. S3235 passed out of committee and is headed to the Senate floor. The bill would basically ban the retail sale of full-spectrum hemp products and limit them to licensed cannabis dispensaries.

New Jersey Hemp Supporters are encouraged to urge lawmakers to oppose the bill.


There’s a new bill in Ohio. SB 278 would set a 0.3% total THC limit for hemp and hemp products, including compounds like delta-6, HHC, and delta-9 THCA. A product with 2.5mg total THC or more per serving, more than four servings per package, and a 15:1 or less CBD-to-THC ratio would be considered adult-use. Adult-use products could only be sold to persons 21 or older and only from behind the counter in a permanent building (not online). We’re closely monitoring the bill, as it was just introduced this week and is subject to change.

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