May 03, 2024

Updates in Connecticut, Iowa, Louisiana & Mississippi and Call to Action in California

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In Connecticut (see previous alert), HB 5150 appears poised for passage. We’re focused now on amending the bill so that it restores the current law’s protections for hemp-derived tablets and tinctures and allows beverages with up to 5mg of THC.

Connecticut Hemp Supporters are encouraged to urge lawmakers to amend the bill in two key ways.


As we previously reported, Iowa HF 2605 passed the legislature, but we have not seen that the Governor has taken any action. There may still be time to urge the Governor to veto this bad bill that would cripple the hemp industry by setting total THC limits of 10 mg/package.

Iowa hemp supporters are encouraged to use our State Action Center to send a note to the Governor with the click of a button


In Louisiana, a bill we support, HB 952, passed the House and is headed to the Senate. The bill makes important clarifications that beverages are limited to a single serving and tinctures are limited to 120ml in volume.

Hemp Supporters in Louisiana are encouraged to urge support for HB 952 by using our State Action Center to contact your state legislators.


In a major victory for Hemp Supporters, Mississippi HB 1676 died in conference. The bill, which had passed the House and Senate, would have set 0.5mg/serving and 2.5mg/package total THC limits for consumable hemp products.


Lastly, we’re renewing our call to action in California, where we need your help to defeat AB 2223. Recent amendments to the bill would limit hemp products to 0.25mg total THC per serving/1mg total THC per package, therefore eliminating the full spectrum hemp industry in the state.

California Hemp Supporters can use our State Action Center to urge legislators to oppose the THC limits.

Visit our State Action Center to see active campaigns across the country!

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