April 26, 2024

Updates in Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi & Missouri

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Bad news in Connecticut —HB 5150 has been amended so that it would keep the current ban on products that contain THC above 1mg per serving/5mg per package. Bad enough. Even worse, starting October 1, 2024, the bill would remove the current 25mg per package exemption for tinctures and prohibit all non-alcoholic beverages with more than 3mg of total THC per container. Some non-alcoholic beverages with THC could be sold, but only by a dispensary, hybrid retail store, or package liquor store and they must contain 12 fluid ounces and could not be sold in more than a 4-pack. Moderate THC hemp products up to 5mg per container could be sold outside the dispensary system, but retail licenses would be limited to well-established CBD stores that have been in business for at least a year. These confusing restrictions will hurt the hemp products industry and reduce economic opportunities for hemp farmers and small businesses. 

Connecticut Hemp Supporters are encouraged to urge lawmakers to oppose the bill.


According to a release, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) conducted its largest ever inspection sweep of businesses selling hemp products. FDACS claims to have discovered more than 186,00 hemp products that are illegally marketed to children, including products containing THC-O and HHC. As a result, FDACS issued stop-sale orders for 631,000 products and 420,000 packages.


Following a recent meeting with hemp vendors, the Louisiana Department of Health issued guidance that HHC and THC-O are considered to be synthetic and therefore are prohibited in consumable hemp products.

Also in Louisiana, a bill we support, HB 952, left committee with amendments. The bill makes important clarifications that beverages are limited to a single serving and tinctures are limited to 120ml in volume, but it limits consumable hemp products with more than 0.5mg THC to persons 21 or older. Present law allows consumable hemp products to be sold to persons 18 or older, while restricting adult-use products to those 21 or up.

Hemp Supporters in Louisiana are encouraged to urge support for HB 952 by using our State Action Center to contact your state legislators.


In Mississippi, HB 1676, which would set 0.5mg/2.5mg total THC limits for consumable hemp products, has passed the House and Senate. A conference committee will meet to reconcile differences between the passed versions of the bill.


In Missouri, HB 1781 treats intoxicating cannabinoids as marijuana. Although it excludes CBD, the term “intoxicating cannabinoid” is broadly defined to include any cannabinoid, however derived or created, that has an intoxicating effect when consumed or ingested. The bill comes at the same time that the Missouri Attorney General has launched an investigation against intoxicating hemp products.

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