Current Bills in Louisiana

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Oppose 0% THC Limits and Other Damaging Prohibitions on Hemp Products

SB 237 limits consumable hemp products to 0.0% THC, eliminates protections for hemp floral material, expands the existing prohibition against alcoholic beverages with THC to include any beverage with THC, …

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Urge support for HB 952 to provide clarity on beverages and tinctures in Louisiana

HB 952 addresses confusion by clarifying that beverages are limited to a single serving and tinctures are limited to 120ml in volume. Although the bill bans THC homologs like THC-P, …

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Urge legislators to oppose SB 495, a bill that would ban out-of-state products in Louisiana

SB 495 must be defeated. The bill requires that hemp products sold at retail be distributed by a Consumable Food Manufacturing Distributor (CFMD). This restriction will effectively ban out-of-state products, …

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