June 09, 2023

New Bill in NJ and Other Updates

Check out the latest legislative updates across the states and take action today!

New Jersey

In New Jersey, companion bills A5440 and S3944 would effectively prohibit the production and sale of delta-8 by limiting hemp and hemp products to 0.3% delta-8. The bills also amend the definition of THCs to include all modified, converted, or synthetically derived forms of THC. Please use our State Action Center to urge legislators to follow the Kentucky model—rather than outright prohibition, let’s strictly regulate intoxicating products and make sure that they are unavailable to minors.  


The Louisiana legislature passed a resolution urging the Department of Health to study acute and long-term adverse health events related to hemp containing THC. The legislative session ended last night with legislators failing to pass HB 605, the bill that would have expanded the prohibition against CBD in alcohol beverages to include all cannabinoids, not just CBD. For now, the bill’s tamper-evident packaging requirement, prohibition against synthetically-derived cannabinoids in consumable hemp products, and 20-serving limit for most consumable hemp products have been avoided.

In other states we have been watching, Alabama SB 66, Minnesota HF 100, and Tennessee SB 0378 all were signed into law in recent days.

Visit our State Action Center to see active campaigns across the country!

Check out the latest hemp and CBD updates from across the states!