July 08, 2024

Updates in DC, Iowa, New Jersey, and Tennessee

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Washington D.C.

Things are heating up in the nation’s capital. We continue to hear about hemp stores facing action for selling legal hemp products. The problem seems to be DC’s emergency law aimed at marijuana gifting shops, which does not exempt hemp stores.

DC hemp supporters are encouraged to urge the mayor’s office and their city councilmembers to cease enforcement efforts.


Eight companies in Iowa have sued to block enforcement of HF 2605, the new law that sets 4mg/serving and 10mg/package THC limits and bans consumable hemp products for persons under 21, as we previously reported. The lawsuit is yet another in a series challenging state laws against federally legal hemp products. Arguments to block enforcement of the new law will occur next week.

New Jersey

It’s bad news in New Jersey. The legislature passed S3235, the bill banning full-spectrum hemp products by limiting them to licensed cannabis dispensaries. We previously requested that hemp supporters encourage lawmakers to oppose the bill, which requires a license from the Cannabis Regulatory Commission to sell a product containing more than 0.3% total THC, 0.5mg of total THC per serving, or 2.5mg of total THC per package. The bill is headed to the Governor’s desk.

New Jersey Hemp Supporters are now encouraged to use our State Action Center to urge the Governor to veto the bill.


The Tennessee Department of Agriculture recently issued an emergency set of new and amended rules for enacting last year’s law on hemp-derived cannabinoid products. The emergency rules cover license requirements, proof-of-age and behind-the-counter requirements, under-21 sales restrictions, child-resistant safety and product storage requirements, label and product shape prohibitions, and cannabinoid milligram limits per serving. The emergency rules are effective for 180 days, after which it is expected the rules will be permanently adopted.

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