April 15, 2024

Updates in Georgia, Illinois, Washington D.C., Nebraska & Texas

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Georgia SB 494 is on the Governor’s desk (see previous alert), and while it’s not perfect, it’s far better than we had feared. The bill does not contain per serving/per package THC caps, instead restricting consumable hemp products to 0.3% total delta-9-THC, which is measured using the delta-9-THC x 0.877 formula that takes THCA into account. Other notable provisions are that consumable hemp products as food are prohibited, excluding gummies, drinks, and beverages (except for alcoholic beverages). The bill establishes labeling and packaging requirements and all consumable hemp products would be limited to persons 21 or older, including products intended to be ingested, absorbed, or inhaled.


Illinois has joined the war against hemp. SB 3926 would limit hemp consumer products to 0.5mg total THC per serving/2mg total THC per package, including ointments and tinctures. Additionally, hemp consumer products must have a 25:1 ratio of total cannabinoids to total THC and would be limited to persons 21 or older.

Illinois Hemp Supporters are strongly encouraged to urge lawmakers to oppose the bill. As recommended by the Cannabis Business Association of Illinois (CBAI), lawmakers should not take any permanent action against delta-8 THC or similar products until further research can be conducted.

Washington, D.C.

In our nation’s capital, the Mayor recently signed emergency legislation authorizing the Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis Administration (ABCA) to close cannabis retail stores that are not licensed as dispensaries. We’ve already heard about ABCA seizing legal hemp products that were approved for sale.

We encourage DC Hemp Supporters to join our campaign to urge the Mayor and City Council to cease enforcement actions against federally legal hemp products.


Good news in Nebraska.  Thanks to your help, LB 399’s 100% tax rate for consumable hemp products has been reduced to 25%. But even the new rate is higher than most other states impose and will significantly increase costs for hemp businesses that will be passed on to consumers.

Nebraska Hemp Supporters are encouraged to use our State Action Center to urge legislators to oppose the bill.


The Texas Senate released priorities for the interim legislative period. Conspicuous on the list is yet another attempt to “ban” delta-8 and delta-9 THC products. Although prior efforts to ban hemp products have failed, it’s important that we remain vigilant when the legislature returns next year. Watch this space for updates.

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