June 07, 2024

Updates in Louisiana, New York, and North Carolina

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Fairly good news in Louisiana: The legislature passed a compromise version of HB 952. What started as an effort to make clarifications for hemp beverages later became the marijuana industry’s attempt to ban all hemp products. Thankfully, the ban failed. And while imperfect, HB 952 avoids an industry catastrophe for hemp farmers and businesses.
Under the conference version of HB 952:

  1. Convenience stores that sell gasoline, except truck stops, will be prohibited from selling hemp products.
  2. No new bars and restaurants may be issued a hemp retail permit after June 17, 2024.
  3. Beverages will be limited to 5mg of THC per bottle or can.
  4. Tinctures will be limited to 1 milligram per serving and a 1-ounce bottle.
  5. Non-edible creams and lotions will not be limited by servings or package size.
  6. All other products will be limited to 5mg THC per serving and 40mg THC per package.
  7. More testing will be required on hemp products.
  8. Applicants for hemp licenses will have to undergo an investigation and meet strict standards and felons may not receive a permit to sell hemp products.

The bill now goes to the Governor for his signature, who has indicated he will sign it. We thank and congratulate our friends at the Hemp Association of Louisiana and the grassroots coalition of hemp small businesses that fought hard against the ban. Lawmakers and marijuana interests who supported the ban have already indicated they “will be back,” so the fight is far from over.

New York

In New York, S9487 would increase the current THC limit for beverages to 5mg THC. We’ve heard from Hemp Supporters in the state that lawmakers are reconvening today to discuss an omnibus bill to which S9487 could be added.

New York Hemp Supporters are encouraged to use our State Action Center to urge lawmakers to support this progressive bill.

North Carolina

North Carolina H563, which passed the House in 2023, has been referred to committee in the Senate. The bill limits hemp-derived ingestible products to 3mg per serving of delta-9, delta-7, delta-8, or delta-10 THC in the aggregate. The bill also imposes packaging, permitting, and testing requirements.


There’s a new bill in Ohio. SB 278 would set a 0.3% total THC limit for hemp and hemp products, including compounds like delta-6, HHC, and delta-9 THCA. A product with 2.5mg total THC or more per serving, more than four servings per package, and a 15:1 or less CBD-to-THC ratio would be considered adult-use. Adult-use products could only be sold to persons 21 or older and only from behind the counter in a permanent building (not online). We’re closely monitoring the bill, as it was just introduced this week and is subject to change.

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