April 05, 2024

Updates in Five States – Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts & Minnesota

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Florida SB 1698 would ban delta-8 THC and similar products and set total THC limits of 5mg/serving and 50mg/package. The bill passed the legislature but has not yet been presented to the Governor, which should happen in the next few weeks. Once the bill is presented, the Governor will have 15 days to act. THERE’S STILL TIME to urge Governor DeSantis to veto the bill!

Florida Hemp Supporters are encouraged to urge Governor Desantis to veto the bill.


In Iowa, HF 2605 passed the legislature and is headed to the Governor’s desk. This bad bill would cripple the hemp industry by setting total THC limits of 4mg/serving and 10mg/package and limiting consumable hemp product to persons 21 or older.

We encourage Iowa Hemp Supporters to urge the Governor to veto the bill.


We need your help on two bills in Louisiana. HB 952 addresses confusion by clarifying that beverages are limited to a single serving and tinctures are limited to 120ml in volume. Although the bill bans THC homologs like THC-P, the bill’s clarifications on the beverage and tincture issues are much needed.

Louisiana Hemp Supporters are encouraged to use our State Action Center to urge lawmakers to support HB 952.

SB 495, on the other hand, must be defeated. The bill requires that hemp products sold at retail be distributed by a Consumable Food Manufacturing Distributor (CFMD). This restriction will effectively ban out-of-state products, since a CFMD must have a licensed facility in Louisiana. The bill also bans CBD and full-spectrum products by prohibiting consumable hemp products from containing any THC.

Louisiana Hemp Supporters should urge lawmakers to oppose SB 495.


In Massachusetts, the Department of Agricultural Resources’ latest policy basically bans all consumable hemp products, including non-intoxicating CBD sold as a food or dietary supplement.

We encourage Massachusetts Hemp Supporters to use our State Action Center to urge the Department to rescind the senseless policy.


On the positive side, Minnesota HF 4629 is a good bill that provides for direct engagement with stakeholders. The bill creates a process by which a person may petition for a cannabinoid to be designated as nonintoxicating or allowed in lower-potency hemp edibles. Also, the bill would allow lower-potency hemp vapes, subject to certain restrictions.

Minnesota Hemp Supporters should urge lawmakers to support the bill, which will create new opportunities for hemp farmers and businesses.

Visit our State Action Center to see active campaigns across the country!

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